Andy Coler fuses his passion for original handmade music with his love for electronic music.

Born in 1978 in the eastern part of Germany he grew up in a small town within a rich musical environment though. Trained in both classical as well as jazz piano, trumpet and percussion his first steps into modern electronic music were in the mid-nineties with just a PC plus a keyboard. After expanding the  music gear and long producing sessions he became vice master in the first Roland Groovebox Contest in 1999 for „innovative and progressive German Drum&Bass music“.

At the same time he was one member of the Techno live-act „The Cube“ (later called „Superrange m.p.“) and played in local clubs and events.

After a break he is back into electronic music as a producer and composer in several projects like „A taste of grey“.....his classical as well as modern/jazzy background provide the skills for creating a warm and more human sound in contrast to cold mashine music.  The results are unique sounds and compositions that mostly come out of long improvisation session on the piano ... just hand-crafted. Listen!